When a little more is required Eric Richards, apart from playing solo, can also entertain you by playing together with other musician colleagues : e.g. saxophone, double bass or vocals.

No matter whether it is a grand piano or a digital instrument, Eric Richards is pleased to play for you in various line-ups and is happy to organize everything to fit your needs.

You can choose your favourite combination of musicians yourself.


  • Piano and vocals
  • Piano and saxophone
  • Piano and double bass and saxophone
  • Piano and vocals and double bass


Here are some links to other colleagues with whom I enjoy working:


Vanessa Cymerman – Wedding SingerVanessa Cymerman – Wedding Singer


Jörg Budde – SaxophonJörg Budde – Saxophone


Kerstin Fabry – SaxophonKerstin Fabry – Saxophone


Cassidy, Richards & Minchin – Beatles and moreCassidy, Richards & Minchin – Beatles and more

Our channel on YouTube


Ed Eckford – voice and rhythm guitarEd Eckford – voice and rhythm guitar


Dian Pratiwi – jazz singer Dian Pratiwi – jazz singer - the best

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Marc Dibowski – magician Marc Dibowski – Zauberer Ruhrgebiet – magician stunning entertainment for adults and kids


Peter Sturm – actor and musician Peter Sturm – actor and musician


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Doughty & Connection – Live BandDoughty & Connection – Live Band ! Midi Band ! Playbackshow ! Rockband ! Mobilband ! Swing / Ratpack/ DJ


Monica Hirsch Reinsgagen – Freie Rednerin, Theologin & Zeremonienmeisterin


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